Cody is everything you always wanted in a salesperson, with no downside.
I originally bought a used 2008 Polaris Ranger in February for use on my hilly property, but quickly discovered the vehicle was too run down and compromised for rigorous use; I just knew I had to buy a new vehicle, to be able to do work safely around the property, if nothing else! So I reluctantly called Leisure Time Power Sports in Bradford and connected with Cody. The one word I think best describes Cody's style is: STRAIGHTFORWARD. Cody asked me what I needed in a vehicle, listened carefully, and came back with a suggestion that perfectly matched my needs: nothing extravagant or option-heavy, just a simple work vehicle I could occasionally cut loose and have fun with. Not only was Cody no BS and straightforward without a zillion attempts to upsell me, but he was as patient and receptive as could be asked for with all my communications and questions (of which I had quite a few). Cody was even good enough to deliver my vehicle to me personally, which allowed me to enjoy some time chatting with him; he was every bit as cool and no-BS in person as he was on the phone all along. All in all, a SUPERB purchasing experience from start to finish! Cody got me what I needed in a price range that matched my budget. Nothing more, nothing less! A++ experience, and I will DEFINITELY be heading back to Cody when I need anything related in the future. Thank you! (Employee: CODY HAUBER)
Jonathan Smith
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